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We are:
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Our platform at allows you to take advantage of and access a number of services. These services are presented here in a short summary:

  • You can upload digital copies of works (e.g. photographs, digital artworks) onto our platform.
  • You can order prints of the uploaded works, also including framing and lamination, to be provided by us for your own use.

For reasons of clarity, these General Contract Terms and Conditions are divided into three parts: Part A concerns all general provisions and rules for use of our online service. Part B concerns the return policy. Part C contains general concluding provisions.


1. Who can register?

1.1. Registration is restricted to natural persons of full age and legal capacity, legal persons, or partnerships. In particular, minors are not permitted to register. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
1.2. We must request that all information requested during registration be filled out completely and accurately, including your first and last names, current address (not a post office box), telephone number (no value-added service number), a valid e-mail address, and, if applicable, your VAT registration number(s) and any applicable VAT rules. We will have the right, but not the obligation, to verify the accuracy of all statements made.
1.3. Where registration is completed with respect to a legal person, registration may only be made by a natural person with necessary authority. This person must be named.
1.4. If any or all of the information provided during registration changes, it is your responsibility to update the information as soon as possible.
1.5. A username and password must be chosen during registration. Third-party rights, such as copyright or trademark rights, must not be infringed upon by the username. Furthermore, the username must not be deceptive, and it must not be illegal or harmful to public policy. We will have the freedom to create explicit rules and limits for new user names, as well as to reject current user names - retrospectively.
1.6. Passwords should be kept private, and account access should be restricted. If there is any suspicion of third-party misuse of the account, you must notify us immediately.

2. How are our services provided?

2.1. Availability
We ask for your understanding that we are only able to make the Light Print website and its functions available for use within the limits and scope of current technology.
2.2. Maintenance
We will maintain our system on a regular basis for the sake of future development and security, as well as to ensure an error-free service. To this aim, and in consideration of your best interests, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or limit our services. Maintenance work should be done when the equipment is not in use as much as possible. If longer periods of interruption or restriction are required, we will notify you of the kind, extent, and length of the impairment to the extent that this is possible given all of the circumstances, and that such notice does not affect or delay necessary service repair.
2.3. System interference and breakdown
You are aware that, due to existing technological limitations, it is not possible to make works available for viewing on the internet completely free of system interference and breakdown. As a result, we accept no responsibility for non-accessibility of works due to technical issues with communication networks, third-party security breaches (e.g. denial of service attacks), or incomplete and/or dated offers on proxy servers (temporary caches) where such factors are beyond our control.


This section concerns our services with regard to printing, framing and lamination of works carried out by us at your request.

1. What services do we provide?

1.1. We provide the following services when requested through the Light Print website's input assistants: We prepare physical prints and copies based on digital submissions, that is, the digital data is reproduced on to a material that can then be framed or laminated as desired, e.g. for your personal or business use.

2. Workflow, production clearance, termination

2.1. A contract of sale is not formed until we provide you the ordered product. For the avoidance of misunderstanding, the contract does not cover products that were part of the same order but were later removed from the delivery papers. The delivery charges must be invoiced. The cost of delivery will be specified at the time of ordering. You will be responsible for any taxes or excise duties incurred as a result of delivery to a country outside the United States.
2.2. All of our delivery deadlines are estimates only. We will be allowed to make partial deliveries.

3. What remuneration do we receive for our services?

3.1. Point 1.1 outlined the compensation for our services. The current pricing list available for viewing at as defined throughout the order process is used to determine these General Contract Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to amend the price list for future orders at any moment and without notice.

4. How does the billing process work?

4.1. When placing an order, the buyer pays the sale price with a credit card (prepayment).
4.2. Light Print has the right to levy a $ 25.00 administration fee if the buyer's account does not have adequate money or if the buyer opposes the debit charge being taken from its account without good reason.

5. Title protection

5.1. Light Print retains ownership of the works produced until all payments are made in full.

6. Contractual obligations and third-party rights

6.1. We'll assume you own the relevant property rights to your works and that they're free of any third-party encumbrances.

7. Information security is a responsibility.

7.1 It is your responsibility to make a backup copy of all sent data contents before communicating your mandate to us. If you fail to produce such security backups and damage or loss occurs as a result of this mandate, we will not be responsible for any damage that might have been avoided if you had made a security backup copy.

8. What to do if you want to inquire about our services.

8.1. Merchants and merchants must inspect consignments immediately upon delivery in the ordinary course of business and immediately notify us through email or phone of any deficiencies.
8.2. In all other circumstances, all manifest faults must be reported within one week. The date of delivery and the date of receipt of notification of defect are used to calculate this time limit.
8.3. All contract papers must be made available to us in the event of any objections. Failure to do so may cause a delay in the evaluation and processing of the defect notification.
8.4. Partially defective deliveries do not justify rejection of the complete delivery, unless the partial delivery is irrelevant.

9. What guarantee applies to our services?

9.1. In the event of a defect, we shall be right to make a fresh delivery or remedy the problem at our discretion and within a reasonable time. If the attempt to deliver a new or repair the defect fails, you have the choice to either cancel the contract or demand a price reduction.
9.2. Like other dyes, the papers, dyes, chemicals, and other materials utilized in our products and manufacturing processes may show minor variations over time. These modifications may differ from one production batch to the next. Such differences in product features are insufficient to constitute a fault. 9.3. Happiness Guarantee. Let us know if you're not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, and we'll make it right as we do not offer refunds.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

In the unlikely event that you would not be satisfied with your product, simply contact customer service within 14 days of receiving your order by emailing with:

  • Your name
  • A detailed description of the problem
  • Your order number
  • Some pictures of the issue

Including these things will help us to resolve things quickly. Please allow 1-2 business days for our team to be in touch with you.
We are unable to exchange, replace, or reprint your order due to customer-caused errors such as color differences between your computer and our professionally calibrated printing systems, typos and misspellings, poor image quality or low resolution, layout errors and missing images, blank pages or product design mistakes, content quality, and product selection errors (i.e. product size, style or cover choices).
Due to damage caused by customer handling, storage, or treatment, we are unable to offer exchanges, replace, or reprint.
We reserve the right to request that you return the product to us and at our discretion; offer an exchange or reprint; issue store credit for items not including shipping; take no action; or, reject request for a refund on rare occurrence (in that we have exhausted all possible solutions and cannot find a resolution). Please ensure the work is packaged appropriately and that it is protected. Ideally, use the original packaging in which the item was delivered, including all protective material. You are responsible for covering the regular cost of return postage if the goods delivered are as ordered and if the price of the goods to be returned is less than 40, or in case of a higher price, if you have only provided partial payment agreed under the terms of the contract.
Procedure if replacement is unavailable
If the material required for the manufacturing of your purchase is unavailable, we will notify you as soon as possible and, if possible, provide an estimated delivery date or recommend alternative product options.

General concluding provisions

1. What happens when a third party's rights are violated?

1.1. If we have reasonable grounds to think that you have broken any laws, infringed on third-party rights, or breached these General Contract Terms and Conditions, or if we have any other legitimate interest, such as protecting other users from deception or fraud, we may take the following actions:

  • Deletion of offers or other contents
  • User caution
  • Limitation/restriction of use of the online service provided by Light Print
  • Temporary blockage
  • Definitive blockage

Wherever possible, we will consider your legitimate interests in determining the appropriate course of action, including whether there are concrete reasons to assume the breach occurred without fault.
1.2. We have the right to prohibit any subsequent use of the Light Print website (permanent blockage).

  • You provided wrong contact information, including an inaccurate or invalid email address;
  • You inflict significant harm to users, especially when our services are exploited;
  • you are in violation of the General Contract Terms and Conditions;
  • There is no other good explanation.

1.3. There will be no customer satisfaction policy of access to our service following definitive blockage. Any further use of the Light Print website is restricted, including through other member accounts. It is not possible to re-register.

2. The Light Print website's system integrity and disruption

2.1. It is forbidden to employ mechanisms, software, or other scripts that can cause the Light Print website to malfunction when used in conjunction with this website.
2.2. Any use that places an undue or disproportionate strain on the Light Print infrastructure is banned. It is prohibited to block, overwrite, or manipulate any content generated by us, or to impede the operation of the Light Print website in any other way.
2.3. Without the permission of the right holder, the contents of the Light Print website may not be copied, disseminated, or used or reproduced in any other manner. This applies to copying by "Robot/Crawler" search engine technology or other automated techniques as well.

3. What is the scope of our responsibility?

3.1. Liability for damage caused by title defects and the lack of a warranty is limitless.
3.2. In all other instances, our liability shall be unlimited solely to the extent that damage is caused by our legal representatives, managerial personnel, or vicarious agents acting with intent or gross negligence.
3.3. Liability for damage caused by carelessness shall be acknowledged only if a duty is breached, the performance of which is particularly important for the achievement of the contract's objective (cardinal duty). Liability is limited to double the contract value and only applies to damage that is normally foreseeable in the context of the contract.

4. What is the location of this contract's jurisdiction, and what law will be applied?

4.1. The United States should have jurisdiction over this transaction and the legislation that applies to it.

5. What happens to my private information?

5.1. Our privacy policy contains all relevant information.

6. What is the duration of the General Terms and Conditions?

6.1. The General Terms and Conditions apply for the duration of your contractual agreement with Light Print. They will apply to all future transactions and other business matters without the need for a fresh confirmation in each case, until they are altered or the contractual relationship is terminated by deleting the user's data.

7. How may the General Terms and Conditions be changed?

7.1. We retain the right to make changes to the General Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice. In this instance, we shall expressly advise you of the updated General Terms and Conditions on our website. Before any changes may take effect, you must first consent to them.

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